Together, we and other nonprofits, share in the commitment to support and better the lives of those who are in need of love and compassion the most. 

Who we support


Veracruz Children's Home

Nuevo Laredo Children's Home 

Bethany's Children's Home - Haiti

The Nest Children's Home - Jamaica 

The Hogar De Ninos - Guadalajara

Mazatlan Children's Home

Charities we support

Torreon Children's Home

Door of Hope - Tijuana

Tampico Children's Home 

Puebla Children's Home

Coatzacoalcos Children's Home - Veracruz

Villahermosa Children's Home

Chihuahua Children's Home

Solid Rock Foundation was established to support select organizations whom construct warm homes, build safer water systems, and spread God's grace to those who need it most. We strive to provide more than just a shelter for children and families, but a solid base to grow and be nourished mind, body and soul. All around the world, there are those who dream of a better tomorrow and that is just what this organization is committed to accomplish.    

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