You can make a difference. A contribution to Solid Rock Foundation for Children brings us closer to our vision of ensuring that no child will be deprived of the basic needs of security, love and support.



Your donation allows us contribute to children foundations all over the globe.

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Below is a list of a few ways your generous contribution can be used:

  • Unrestricted and for Immediate Impact | I want my donation to be used as the Board of Directors sees fit; the Board will distribute my donation along with its annual giving to charities such as those referred to on this website.

  • Restricted and for Immediate Impact | I want my donation to go specifically toward one or more of the charities listed on this website.  (You will be asked on the next page to indicate which charity or charities you select as the recipient of your gift.)

  • Unrestricted Long Term Endowment | I want to make a donation that will become part of the principal of Solid Rock’s endowment fund, with the understanding that the earnings on that principle (approximately 5% a year) will be distributed as the Board of Directors determines.  In this way, my gift will continue to have impact for many, many years into the future!