Here's just a small sampling of the charities we have supported over the years.

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Grace Children's Home Ministries–Kenya

Grace Children’s Home Ministries cares for orphaned, abandoned, and destitute children.  In Kenya, the focus is on children in need of family care due to the AIDS epidemic there.  With the support of Solid Rock Foundation for Children, this group has been able to purchase a ten acre property and begin construction of family foster homes so that these children can be cared for in a safe, loving stable foster home environment.  The children are able to attend school and their foster parents are able to raise crops on the property.  With continued financial support, this program shows tremendous promise to help many needy children. 

The Salvation Army Overseas Children's Homes

The Salvation Army provides world renowned care for children around the world who have no home to call their own.  Some of the best work being done is happening with needy children in the poorest areas in Mexico.  In 2015, Solid Rock Foundation for Children fully funded the care of approximately 200 children at the following Children’s’ Homes operated by the Salvation Army. 

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Life Water

An organization that believes that every child and family should have the opportunity to drink safe water and to live free of water-borne diseases, and that anything less is a grave injustice.

In 2014-2015, Solid Rock Foundation for Children funded the construction on seven wells in Ethiopia and Uganda.  Each one of these wells will serve an entire village, so that hundreds of the world’s poorest families will now be able to provide their children with the basic necessity of clean, safe water. 

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